Memory Monday - Sleeping on the job

Are there photos in your stash that make you laugh every single time you come across them? This is one of those for me. Back in 2002, I went out to a girls night group event and my hubby was in charge of watching the kids while I was away. I got home about 9 p.m. this is the scene I found.


Everyone was passed out, including the cat! What you can't see in this photo is that my son had a few half-eaten pop tarts on his chest. I laughed so hard when I was snapping this picture that I woke my husband up and he was a little embarrassed to see how I had found them.

I think we all have photos of people sleeping in unusual circumstances. This next one is one of my very favorites. Same couch, different house, five years later. I love how Alex tucked his hand into Jeff's shirt sleeve.

36596 a well deserved nap_2399157554_o.jpg

A fun activity for Memory Monday is to search through your photo files for sleeping pictures and document the memories behind them. If you have your photos stored in Google Photos, you can even just type in the search term "sleep" to find them. That's what I did for this post. Some other photo organization sites may have the same feature as well. The search also worked for me in Flickr. If you don't have any snoozing photos, taken one the next time someone falls asleep in an unusual place and save the memory.