Smash all the Stuff

After my "works in progress" post ate at me for about 24 hours, I got busy and started getting things done. I'm happy to report that I spent some happy time yesterday afternoon with my SMASH books and I'm pleased with the results.

My Travel SMASH book is now complete. This volume holds travel memorabilia from December 2012 - December 2014. I officially started our next Travel book with a small trip we took to downtown Salt Lake City in February. I'm excited to fill it up!


One of the SMASH books I have had sitting on my shelf for awhile now is food related. I only have filled a few pages so far, but I see some fun possibilities for this one. I've been collecting some take out menus from some of our favorite places to include. The Dion's menu is from one of our New Mexico trips. We love the pizza there - especially the pepperoni and green chile. Yep! That's how the do things there!

I've also saved all of our fortunes from Panda Express (and a few other places) and I'm filling up an entire page with them. I think this will end up being a book we all can enjoy.


Alex's SMASH book also got updated. I added in a few more of his saved tags and tickets. I also included a hand-drawn doodle that his aunt (my brother Mike's wife Fiona) put on his birthday card. He loved it so much that I knew I needed to save it.


If you are looking for more ideas on how to use these clever little books (or any type of notebook scrapping), be sure to save this list. It’s been pinned and repinned thousands of times on Pinterest!

My main form of memory keeping is still digital scrapbooking and probably always will be. I do scan a lot of items to include on layouts, but I still love the bits and pieces of life and think that they deserve a home of their own. SMASH books have been the perfect solution for me to keep track of those types of items. Plus, they are fun to work on!