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Memory Monday and tfw

Have you ever seen an acronym on the internet and not known what it stands for? I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that it took me awhile to figure out why everyone kept putting tfw in tweets and instagram posts. I finally looked it up and found out that it stands for That Feel When. I prefer my abbreviations to stand for things that are grammatically correct so I just always think of it meaning That Feeling When. Isn't that better?

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Memory Monday origins and evolution

Back on January 12th of 2009, I introduced a new series here on my blog and called it Memory Monday. This was long before Instagram and a month before I was on Twitter. I didn't know what a hashtag was back then and I had never heard of Memory Monday. I just thought I was being clever with alliteration. I went back through all my old Memory Monday posts (I have them saved in a Word document) recently and it was fun to see how this theme has evolved for me over the years.

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