Question for Katie - DO I need different versions of the same template?

Katie - love your style for templates!! I have a question - why so many different versions of templates? I figure that not everyone uses the same software - but do I need to save anything other than the PSD version if I’m using Elements? It will become an issue with space…

I’m so glad someone sent me this question! Some template designers only offer PSD versions of their templates, but I include both PSD and TIFF because I know that there are people who prefer each format. I love TIFF because I can “see” the designs on my PC. If you use a MAC (as many designers do), you won’t understand how frustrating PSD files can be for Windows users. This is what PSD files look like when you view them in a Windows folder:

And this is how TIFF files look for Windows users:

I love not having to open up each PSD file to see what the template actually looks like. 

I also prefer TIFF files because they take up less space than PSD files.  That was the deal clincher for me! However, PSDs are still great files and many people prefer them because that is what they are used to. So I include both. Do you need to download both? Nope! Just pick the format you feel most comfortable with. I separate them into the two folders so you can pick what you like and you don’t have to delete unwanted formats after downloading.

The images I used for this post come from my Scrapbook Lady Sensibles template set. 

Feel free to ask me any other questions you might be wondering about!