Memory Monday and tfw

Have you ever seen an acronym on the internet and not known what it stands for? I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that it took me awhile to figure out why everyone kept putting tfw in tweets and instagram posts. I finally looked it up and found out that it stands for That Feel When. I prefer my abbreviations to stand for things that are grammatically correct so I just always think of it meaning That Feeling When. Isn't that better?

that feel when.png

That really is what Memory Monday is about for me - capturing those feelings from when. In this case, the when is usually pretty far in the past, but it doesn't have to be. It's about taking a minute to think about how a memory made you feel. What made it memorable? What other memories does it bring up? I love putting feelings into words and adding them to photos. That's why scrapbooking appeals so much to me. That is what I love about the thought behind TFW. Here are some of my favorite feels:

  • That feeling when all the laundry is done and put away, even though you know it won't last.
  • That feeling when you use up every drop of something in a container. You've scraped out every little bit of that peanut butter and you definitely got your money's worth!
  • That feeling when you finish a great book.
  •  That feeling when you fill your gas tank and it ends on a number like $40.00 exactly with no change. Why is that so satisfying?
  • That feeling when you get the keys to your first home (or car, or apartment).
  • That feeling when the first spring day arrives when it's warm and sunny enough to go without a jacket.
  • That feeling when you climb into bed with fresh sheets.
  • That feeling when you eat the cherry off the top of an ice cream sundae.
  • That feeling when you know all the lyrics to your favorite song and you sing along in perfect time.
  • That feeling when you see your baby smile for the first time. That's a really good one!

What are your favorite feelings? What makes you think about TFW? Share one on social media today or take a minute and jot a few down in your journal. It's a worthwhile exercise and it will give you some great memories to think about.