Thank you

Thank you summer for bringing me flowers, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, green grass, long days, and beautiful sunsets. I’ve enjoyed our landscaped yard so much this year. I’m sure going without a yard last summer has increased my appreciation, but I hope to always feel grateful for this blessing in the future.

Thank you summer for the extra time with my children. Even though my daughter Riley went to a lot of camps, I still had time and experiences with her that would not have been possible during the school year. We are both very aware that our time together in the same house is winding down as she will leave for college in a year. I think that has made us feel closer.

I also had wonderful time with my son Alex in a more relaxed environment. No school, just hanging out together. With my daughter and husband both traveling a lot over the last few months, there have been a few weeks where it has only been the two of us together. We love to be together and have had many long conversations about everything from Harry Potter to the Muppets.

Thank you summer for giving me travel time. We went to Lake Tahoe, Reno, Cedar City (twice), Logan, and even spent a night in downtown Salt Lake City. We visited a national park, saw world class theater, and watched fireworks from a boat on Lake Tahoe. Pretty amazing! We also made a lot of memories together during long car rides and sharing new experiences.

Thank you summer for all the photo opportunities. Lots of daylight and plenty of great subjects made the season a photographer’s dream. I took 467 pictures in the month of July alone. That’s pretty hard to do in January!

Thank you summer for fresh food and outdoor eating. Grilled pineapple spears, barbecued hot dogs, roasted marshmallows, and picnic lunches are so tasty and the stuff that good memories are made of. For some reason, it all seemed even more special because we had a new picnic basket.

Thank you summer for good music. We went to three live concerts and rocked our hearts out. We saw One Republic with The Script and American Authors at Usana Amphitheater in June. In July, we saw Foreigner and Styx perform at Usana. We finished the summer concert rounds with a bang in August when we saw Paul McCartney at the Energy Solutions Arena. All three concerts were amazing, but the Paul McCartney one just blew us all away!

Thank you summer for sleeping in, taking naps, and staying up late. We’ve had all sorts of strange schedules and it’s been a bit crazy and a lot of fun. 

Thank you summer for wearing us all out enough that we are actually looking forward to the back to school routines that will be starting today. I love summer, but I honestly couldn’t keep up that pace all year long!

What would you like to thank summer for? Why not write a thank you letter to the season to record your memories? It’s a fun and meaningful exercise!