The Home Office

We’ve been in our house about 9 months now and I realized that I haven’t ever shared my work space here. My son and I share an office (that is actually a bedroom with an adjoining bathroom). The room is located right off of the kitchen/family room area and is much better suited to be used as an office instead of a bedroom because of the proximity to the family living space. I haven’t quite put all of the finishing touches together for the room, but I would call it very close to done.

I decided to keep it clean and simple this time around. There’s not a lot of clutter and the standout feature is my big board of photos. Everyone who comes into my office is really amazed by this collection of 144 beautifully printed square photos with perfect white borders.

Here are the details:

  • I hung up a really big board to put the photos on. I used this fancy linen pinboard (no longer available) from Pottery Barn, but you could honestly use any type of bulletin or fabric covered board since it really doesn’t show one you have the pictures on it. The reason I used a board is because I really regretted putting postcards and maps right on the wall surface in our old house once it came time to move. They were really hard to take down and parts of the wall and some of the maps and cards got damaged.
  • I used poster tape to hang up all the photos. It sticks nicely to the linen, but I can still easily remove the photos when I want to.
  • I cropped my photos into squares before sending them to Persnickety Prints for printing, but you could simply use regular 6x4 photos and have Persnickety add the white border and you would get a very similar look. I selected the Persnickety Instagram 4x4 photos (even though my pictures weren’t instagrams) for all my prints for this project. 
  • I selected the standard “matte” finish for all my pictures. I didn’t upgrade to any of the other options and I’m very happy with the finish!

A few more things about my office:

  • The white modular desk furniture is from the original home office collection at Ballard Designs. I love that I could pick out the exact pieces that fit my needs and create an entire system.
  • The albums on my shelf are from We R Memory Keepers, Snap Albums, and Smash Books. No, they are not all full – but they will be someday.
  • I do have 2 laptop computers. I’ve discussed that on this episode of The Digi Show. The top one is older and I only use it to play tutorials and classes and I also run Skype on it while I’m on the podcast. That way I can work on the lower laptop while something is running on the top one. It’s my answer to dual monitors and it works really well for me.
  • The little square next to my top laptop is a Zink Happy Printer and I love it! Steph and the Capturing Magic team have several posts about using Zink printers with a lot of fun ideas.
  • My chair is a Herman Miller Caper chair with a mesh seat. I love how lightweight and comfortable it is.
  • The smaller desk is on my son’s side of the office. I did the same thing with a linen board on his side of the room, but I filled it with our postcard collection instead. His desk always has a stack of books on it and usually a stuffed animal.

It’s a comfortable and happy working office for both of us. We love it!