What happened the year you were born?

What happened the year you were born? When I look at the news stories from 1969 (the year I was born) it makes me wonder how my parents must have felt bringing me into the world at that time. In hindsight, it is easy to see what an explosive time it was in history and pop culture. I wonder if they felt that way as well?

I decided to browse through the LIFE magazine archive site and take a look at some of the big events of that year:

Boy, if that doesn’t all make me feel old! Even though I was at the very tail end of the decade, I was still born in the Sixties! That means that I grew up during the Seventies and Eighties and those decades shaped who I am today.

Have you ever stopped to document the big events of the year you were born? Your friends and family just might be amazed when you tell them what was going on in the world when you were a baby.