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Planning Pocket Page Spreads

I received a question the other day that I think is worth sharing. I imagine that several people have felt this same sort of apprehension about how to tackle the whole thing and make it cohesive. Here’s the actual comment:

Late to the game here, but...I bought a huge bunch of PL/pocket page protectors, and am having issues. I "thought" I'd like this form of scrapbooking, but...

HOW on Earth does one plan these pages? I've watched lots of videos about PL/pocket page scrapping, but none explain how to plan the pages. I can do one side, but then the next side... I'm seriously regretting making this purchase. :( Maybe you can explain how you plan both side of these pages!

I have a couple of ideas that I’m hoping will help this reader and others who feel this way as well.

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Scrapping with the Seasons - March edition

This year I’m challenging myself to play along with a goal for seasonal scrapbooking. I plan to scrap with the seasons this year. What does that mean? Well, for me it is easy to get motivated to create pages around the themes that I am currently thinking about. In March, that happens to be St. Patrick’s Day and spring. The twist is that I won’t only focus on those subjects in the here and now of 2019, but I will go back through my old March photo files from the past as well. It’s a fun and creative way for me to approach the never-ending dream of getting “caught up” on memory keeping.

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