Fall means family photo time

It just hit me last night that I better start planning a family photo session sometime soon. We always send out a photo card for our holiday greetings. This is something that my husband has always felt strongly about and I have to say I’m grateful to him for making me get myself in a family photo each year. There have been several times I tried to convince him that we could just use a picture of the kids and he wouldn’t have it. He is absolutely right on this and now it’s time again to try and get over my excuses and make this happen.

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Keep that sense of humor, it's critical

One of my favorite movies growing up was Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton. There is a funny scene in the movie that I still quote where Jacks says “keep that sense of humor, it’s critical” as a callback to something his boss said to him. I do believe it is critical to get through this life. I guess that’s why I love putting together these funny little posts!

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Creative words that inspire me

I’ve always been a bookworm and I graduated from college with a degree in English. Words are something I collect, just like tangible possessions. I find quotes and sayings that inspire me and I feel like I have to have them in my life somewhere - even if only on a Pinterest board. Here are a few that I have fallen in love with lately:

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