In the meantime...

My MacBook Pro tanked over the weekend. I thought they weren’t supposed to do that? I’ve had it less than 5 months and I was feeling pretty smug about how smooth my whole transition from PC to Mac has gone. 

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Katie the Creative Lady

Did you notice anything different when you opened up this link today? I have a new URL but you can still get here from the old one as well. You will now find me at but all my previous links should still work (yay!). I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to do all of this technical stuff. Did you know I've built all my blogs (past and present) by myself? I'm self-taught and proud of it!

I also have a new logo and new professional name. I'm now "Katie the Creative Lady" instead of "Katie the Scrapbook Lady" and I'm totally excited about this!

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Big changes are coming

I will be changing my brand (ever so slightly) and even my URL next week, but don't worry. I think you will find that it really is just going to be more reflective of who I've always been. A lot will be the same, but some things will be different - and hopefully even better. I'm excited and feeling refreshed to have some new fun to look forward to.

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Adobe Photoshop 2018

Every August for the past several years, I have been invited to the virtual press conference for the release of the new Adobe Photoshop Elements program. I really look forward to this event but then I go a little crazy keeping it under wraps until the official release date because I'm always so excited to share the new features here!

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Roundup Your September

September is on it's way out and it's time to reflect on another busy month for me. My son is taking a class on climate change and I've been hanging out on campus with him. My husband went to Shanghai, China for a week. We all went to the fall season plays at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. My daughter Riley turned 21 years old. Alex and I saw the LEGO Ninjago movie. I threw in the protein bar to represent that I'm still trying to eat healthy and I'm always on the lookout for more protein in my diet. These bars aren't fantastic, but they aren't awful either. A great month overall!

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