Fifty Fun Ways to Make Fall Memories

Because I love lists and anything related to making fun memories, I started searching for “Fall Bucket Lists” on Google a few weeks ago and I couldn’t find any that really seemed doable and general enough for my needs. I wanted something that I could print out and put on a bulletin board to inspire our family so I ended up making one. I’m happy to share it here with all of you. Just click on the image to download it for your own enjoyment (or download from this dropbox file) or save it as a pin or bookmark for future reference. I ended up with two different designs that I liked equally so I’m sharing them both. If you want a PDF file, be sure to use the dropbox link.

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Cybersecurity is important for your creative life

Google reminded me yesterday that October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and prompted me to run a quick security checkup. I was grateful for the reminder because I the internet is a major tool in my everyday routine and that includes my creative life. I browse for ideas, sell and buy supplies online, and store valuable documents and photos in the cloud and on my devices, Being cyber-aware is in the best interest of every creative person who uses any sort of electronics! Here are a few resources I found when I looked up Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

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Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself

It’s been awhile since I took the time to create a digital art journal page. A few years ago, I somehow discovered that I loved creating mixed-media style layouts. I don’t think I would enjoy splattering actual paint around, but when I can throw stuff around in Photoshop Elements, it sure makes me happy!

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Laugh it up

We had a great weekend together as a family and even got to spend time with our daughter Riley and her hubby Ryan.. And now today is our son Alex’s 25th birthday. Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s been a quarter of a century since he was born! So even though I have a long list of things to be done, I have been taking the past few days off to enjoy time with my peeps. I’m happy about that! So before I get serious about getting back to work, let’s have a few giggles together and start the week off on a light note.

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