Living my best digital life - my computer

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you will know that I typically go through a lot of technology upgrades around here. Both my husband and I love to keep up on new technology and we are suckers for new iPhones and iPads. My kids have no complaints because they often get our hand-me-downs. We also love that Apple has now made it so much easier to trade in old devices to get store credit. They also make it much smoother to transfer your old data to a new device now. I recently got a new Macbook Pro and it was so easy to switch.

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At the moment

Here we sit in July and the year is now more than half over. I’m going through a bit of a blog slump right now and never did get up the energy to post during those few days around Independence Day. I need to remember that I go through this every July and do a better job of planning for it. How about I just tell you about a few things that are currently going on in my life?

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a little laughter goes a long way

Laughter is such a necessity in life! I have readers who have told me that these posts make them very happy and I will tell you that they do the same for me. I love finding these silly things on the internet and saving them to share here. Hope they give you a reason to smile!

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It's almost the end of June


  • Review calendars, social media posts, journal entries, etc. - I use the Momento app to keep everything in one place and then look back through my online calendar.

  • Make sure all your photos are uploaded and backed up to at least 3 places. If you use Google Photos, your photos will already be sorted by date. I like to search the month (June 2019) and then select all of those photos and create an album for them in Google Photos called June 2019. It’s not necessary, but I find it useful.

  • Gather any memorabilia from the month such as ticket stubs, invitations, programs etc. Scan or photograph them if desired and then upload them with your photos for the month. And/or put them in a file marked June 2019 if you plan to save the physical copies for scrapbooking or memory boxes.

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July is coming!

I'm going to be sharing these FREE holiday lists every month this year so now is a great time to add my blog feed to your rss reader, bookmark my site and/or sign up for my mailing list. 📬You can even receive my blog posts via email.

These ideas are great for creating memories, photography prompts, adding to your planners, and even classrooms and homeschool settings!

Check out the free category in my shop for some other complimentary downloads and have fun browsing through all of my pocket card kits, printables, and templates as well.

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