Button Tree Christmas Craft

I have to admit that I don’t work on a lot of physical crafts these days. I’m usually more into memory keeping projects and the majority of those are digital for me. But when I saw this idea on Pinterest I had a lightbulb moment and thought it would be super fun to put these together with my daughter, mother, and 2 sisters-in-law during our Thanksgiving visit. I just love how they turned out!

Button trees done.jpg

Here are some closeups of my trees.

close up buttons.JPG

They were visiting from all over (my Mom took the picture so you can’t see her) so I told them all that I would gladly provide the buttons, pins, and tree forms. We gathered in my basement to work on them. They took longer than we thought they would. Some worked faster than others. I was one of the slow ones!

Katie tree project.jpg

I ordered all the buttons and pins on Amazon. I got more than we needed because I wanted everyone to be able to choose their colors. I was able to send back the unopened packages to return and the other extras will be fun to have for other projects and to put in jars for my creative space.


My Sister-in-Law Fiona made a darling multi color Christmasey themed tree + another fun design with different random buttons. I love both of them!


My Sister-in-Law Jenn was super speedy and whipped out these two trees in the time it took most of us to do one. We still can’t figure out how she planned the design on the blue and white one so perfectly!

button trees.jpg

My brother Zach got in on the fun and he made their 3rd tree. He is so creative!

trees SIL.jpg

My Mom came over a couple of times after Thanksgiving to work on her trees while I also worked on mine. I also love how hers turned out and the color combos are so fun!

Katie mom trees.jpg

Riley only got about halfway through her big tree so she packed up a bunch of buttons to take home with her. I don’t think she has had time to work on them though with her busy work and school schedule. It was so great to have some craft time with her again. It reminded me of times we would spend working on projects while she was growing up.

Oh, and there’s my cute Mom checking out Pinterest ideas for trees while she was trying to decide what to do.


This was a really fun project to work on and more than anything it was just a wonderful way to spend time with these ladies that I love so much!

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