July is ending

For a long month, July sure did speed by! I’m getting ready to do my own personal roundup of the month’s events and I wanted to remind you that this is the perfect opportunity to take some time to document your own life. You can start this process at any time and you don’t have to do it every single month - although you will be glad if you are regular about it. Just look over the prompts and answer a few questions. Easy peasy!

KTCL July roundup.jpg


  • What did you watch? TV, Movies, Netflix, Plays, etc.

  • What did you listen to? Podcasts, music, etc.

  • What did you read? Books, Kindle, online, etc.

  • What did you learn? Life lessons, classes, new skills and ideas, etc.

  • What did you celebrate? Birthdays, holidays, accomplishments, etc.

  • What was newsworthy? Personal and family news, world and nation news, etc.


  • Review calendars, social media posts, journal entries, etc. - I use the Momento app to keep everything in one place and then look back through my online calendar.

  • Make sure all your photos are uploaded and backed up to at least 3 places. If you use Google Photos, your photos will already be sorted by date. I like to search the month (June 2019) and then select all of those photos and create an album for them in Google Photos called June 2019. It’s not necessary, but I find it useful.

  • Gather any memorabilia from the month such as ticket stubs, invitations, programs etc. Scan or photograph them if desired and then upload them with your photos for the month. And/or put them in a file marked June 2019 if you plan to save the physical copies for scrapbooking or memory boxes.


  • Make a list of your answers to the prompts.

  • Put them in a blog or social media post, in your journal, on the last day of the calendar for that month, or on a scrapbook or photobook page. You can even email them to yourself and keep them in a folder for later reference or use a notes app on your phone. Just find a routine that works for you.

  • If you share your roundup in any form on Instagram, use the hashtag #roundupyourmemories if you want to share with others.

  • The more roundups you do, the more you will appreciate this simple way to document your everyday life!