February roundup layout

This is important - I don't want you to think you need to have a perfect or even a great month to do a roundup! February of 2019 was a really hard month for our family, but when I write out all the things we did during the month and put that with some photos, I feel happy. I remember the good times and I celebrate getting through the month. I love being a memory keeper, even when times are tough. Taking pictures and writing down memories helps me remember what matters. My life is meaningful. My people matter. ❤️

Katie the creative lady february.jpg

I created this page using the Project Life app + cards that I designed . I also used a cartoon I saw on @thedad feed on Instagram (so funny) because it totally summed up our Valentine's Day. We never really do much for that holiday and we are both ok with it. We love each other and that's enough for us.❤️

I love this routine of looking back at the month that just ended. It helps me in so many ways and it's the best journaling/scrapbooking tool I have ever used! I hope you will take some time to document what happened in your life during the month of February. It doesn't matter what format you use, just jot down a few things that happened and make sure you backup your photos and share a few favorites with those you love.❤️