It's not OK to share files

I was quite surprised when I got an email about a week ago asking me if I was willing to share any digital files. I thought it was pretty bold for someone to ask a designer, but I know it happens more than I would like to think. It made me realize that it’s important to review digi scrapping etiquette (and legal terms) once in a while.

I know it seems easy to just send a file to someone and so it might seem like that is OK to do. It’s not. Just because it’s easy to share, doesn’t mean it’s right. If you buy a burrito, it is easy to understand that the one burrito you bought is all you have and you will eat it. If there was some magic machine that made it easy to duplicate it into 100 burritos, I imagine people would start sharing those all over the place too instead of expecting everyone to buy their own burrito.

Oh, and did I mention that my kits cost less than a nice burrito? And I also offer TONS of free stuff here in my shop? But don’t just share the free files either. Rules still apply to those. Tell your friends to come download them for themselves. A lot of money goes into hosting a website and an online store - not to mention the time and supplies put into designing.

Thanks for listening (reading). 😀 Be sure to share this post freely with others. 😀