Katie - love your style for templates!! I have a question - why so many different versions of templates? I figure that not everyone uses the same software - but do I need to save anything other than the PSD version if I’m using Elements? It will become an issue with space…

I’m so glad someone sent me this question! Some template designers only offer PSD versions of their templates, but I include both PSD and TIFF because I know that there are people who prefer each format. Check out this post for more information and a detailed answer. 



When you create your pages, do you mostly use the 8x8 so you can send them to Adoramapix, or even print them at Persnickety? I am trying to figure out which size is best to go with. I have been using 12x12 for past years, but maybe I want to go with something different this year. Thanks!

I create all my pages and save them in the default size of the Project Life app (2700 x 2700 pixels). Or when I create a digital layout, I save it as a 12x12 size (3600 x 3600 pixels). I choose 12x12 when I save because then I'm getting that full-size file. The printer can easily size down and retain quality. It's not the case with sizing up (although not too big of deal when just going from 8x8 to 12x12. Much bigger deal with greater difference in size).

In the past, I have printed in 8x8 and 12x12 through Persnickety Prints and I totally love their quality and still use them for all my photo printing projects. However, now I'm really loving the Adoramapix 10x10 photobooks and I'm sticking with those. They just work so well for me and I love how much I can fit in them. See more about my photobooks in this post.




Hi Katie, I'm finally trying to get all of my scrapbook layouts organized. I do have a semi-system, but I end up with ALL of my jpg (flattened) layouts in one big folder called "Pages Only." I'm getting so many (a good problem to have!) that I want to divide them up by year. Where I'm getting stuck is deciding what to do with layouts I've made about earlier years. File them under when I created them? Or file them under the year that the events/stories took place? Any suggestions?

At first glance, the answer seemed simple. I file my layouts in folders by year and for me that means the year that the layout is about. Once I thought about it though, I realized that there is a lot more to it than that. Check out this post for a detailed answer with helpful images.


Do You Create Rectangle Templates?

Do you ever create templates in the 8.5x11 size? I do all of my scrapbooking in this size because I prefer it, plus I can print each page in my printer at home.

I do have one template set in this size right here. I'm glad to hear you enjoy this size. This set has sold well for me so I will plan on creating more templates in this size sometime in the future.



This year I am going to use the Project Life app exclusively for my annual photo book. I love the pages you have created and shared. I would like to know what size font you would use if you are going to print a 10"x10" book. I will export in the 12"x12" format, but want a 10"x10" book. I am not sure what size font to use when creating the pages and would like to know your recommendation.

Unfortunately, I can't just give a short answer for this. There are a lot of variables to keep in mind, but I have some quick tips that will help you figure it out. Be sure to read this post for all the details!


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