End of November means it's time for a memory roundup

Another month has come and gone and it's time to take a few minutes to roundup your memories from the month of November. My longtime followers will know that I've been doing monthly memory roundups since January of 2006. That means I'm on my 13th year of this roundup routine and that adds up to a total of 154 months so far! I plan to keep this habit going strong this year and I hope you all will join me. 

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A new tradition

I started a new tradition this year with my daughter and her husband. I’m going to give them an ornament for their tree each year. and the idea is that it will be something that represented their year. I’m going to do this on Thanksgiving weekend so they can hang it up on their tree and enjoy it during the holiday season. This year I did something pretty fancy because it was their wedding year. I had a talented artist from ETSY make an ornament of their wedding cake.

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My scrapbooking

I had a great experience a few weeks ago as the featured designer at Digi Night Out. It was fun to connect with local scrapbookers and my Mom even came with me. Meredith Cardall was a fabulous host and it was a well-planned and enjoyable event. If you are ever interested in attending, be sure to follow the Digi Night Out Facebook Page.

Because I was the featured designer, Meredith asked me to answer some questions about my personal, design, and creative life. I will share more of those details in some future posts, but I thought today would be a good day to share what I told that group about my scrapbooking habits and goals.

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A few great resources

This post might seem a little off topic at first glance, but bear with me for a minute. For me, everything in life contributes to (or takes away from) my creativity. One of the ways I feel like I’m most creative is my ability to find and make use of great resources. I’ve found a few lately that I’m excited to share!

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